Regions & Cohesion

Publisher: Berghahn Journals

Editors: Harlan Koff and Carmen Maganda, both of the RISC Consortium

Aims and Scope: Due to the dramatic changes in global affairs related to regional integration, studies can no longer be limited to the analysis of economic competitiveness and political power in global geopolitics. Regions and Cohesion is a needed platform for academics and practitioners alike to disseminate both empirical research and normative analysis of topics related to human and environmental security, social cohesion, and governance. It covers themes, such as the management of strategic resources, environment and society, social risk and marginalization, disasters and policy responses, violence, war and urban security, the quality of democracy, development, public health, immigration, human rights, organized crime, and cross-border human security.

Interdisciplinary in nature and multi-lingual in character (English, French, Spanish), the journal promotes the comparative examination of the human and environmental impacts of various aspects of regional integration across geographic areas, time periods, and policy arenas.



Current Issue:

Winter 2014, Volume 4(3)



The regional offices in Brussels: From “push and pull” to “people and place”
Justin Greenwood

Securitization, alterity, and the state: Human (in)security on an Amazonian frontier
Marc Brightman and Vanessa Grotti

Rethinking generational categories at the border for Latino immigrants
R. Tina Catania



Introduction to the Leadership Forum
The Editors

(In)seguridad humana, violencia feminicida, democracia y capital: del desarrollo y la democracia frente a la violación de los derechos de las mujeres y niñas. Juárez, México, 2008–2013
Alfredo Limas Hernández

Entrevista a la Sra. Evangelina Arce, activista social y madre de Silvia Arce, desaparecida en Ciudad Juárez en 1998
Regions & Cohesion

¿Qué le pasó a Monterrey? Análisis de una crisis urbana de inseguridad a través al duelo colectivo
Ana Gabriela Sánchez Santana y David Pérez Esparza



Peter Gilles, Harlan Koff, Carmen Maganda, Christian Schulz (Eds.). (2013). Theorizing borders through analyses of power relationships. P.I.E. Peter Lang.
Review by Lukasz Swiatek