international conference 2007, Luxembourg

social cohesion in europe and the americas

Organized by

Laboratoire de Sciences Politiques

5.-6. November, 2007

Centre Jean Monnet, Luxembourg

Conference Description:

The purpose of this international conference is to address current developments in social politics in Europe and the Americas and compare the general trends found in the three polities through analysis in various arenas of social policy. Each panel will include one speaker focusing on Europe, one presenting on North America and one examining a South American context. The research presented will cover both historical frameworks and contemporary events. It will also link comparative and international points of view to work conducted in local communities. The objective of the meeting is to organize a volume that discusses the “state of research” in the field of social and economic cohesion and provides suggestions for the creation of theoretical and methodological approaches that link research being conducted in various social arenas and different geographic contexts.