international conference

mexico city, 2012

Conference Synopsis: This conference will examine the decisive impacts and proposed local, regional and global solutions to insecurity and violence. The starting point is a risk agenda impacting countries and regions which challenges capabilities to integrate social answers and public agendas responding to critical issues such as trafficking in drugs, humans, weapons, organs and money, as well as decisive factors such as inequality, exclusion, and a lack of opportunities. Some of the features that these societies share, are: a) inability or weakening of the State to keep control over the territory as well as the monopoly of the legitimate use of force; b) penetration or cooptation of State institutions by criminal organizations, c) the fragility of citizens fearful of both assaults by criminal groups and by the inability of the State to guarantee their rights,  d) Growing social stratification and segmentation in the illicit drug “consumption” countries, in addition to scarce citizen participation in response to public health problems and criminality, e) the lack of responsibility taken by countries and regions characterized by consumption, of drugs, organs, and prostitution and the sale of weapons for the systemic impacts of their actions, and f) lack of standards, institutions as well as regional and global public policies with a comprehensive perspective for reducing violence and insecurity.