international conference and doctoral school

helsinki, finland, 2014


The University of Helsinki and the RISC Consortium are proud to announce their international conference and doctoral school on “Political, Societal and Regional Change: Conceptual and Methodological Innovations.” This international conference and doctoral school provides an innovative approach to doctoral training because it integrates Ph.D. candidates in the social sciences and humanities working on social cohesion related issues into dialogues with internationally recognized scholars from different world regions working on relevant subjects, such as borders and migration, environmental governance, public health, security, risk and disasters, democracy, and international development. Rather than holding tutorials and separate sessions in which students present their research to professors, this interactive format provides doctoral students with an opportunity to engage established scholars in active discussions of issues of conceptual and methodological importance.

The international conference and training will be organized around thematically defined roundtables that discuss the state of the art of research on political, societal and regional change in different world regions. Both scholars and Ph.D. candidates will participate in these roundtables. They will discuss the evolution of conceptual and methodological debates surrounding specific research issues.